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About Us

With a clear focus on Customer's needs

Wathu Group Ltd is a multifaceted private limited company registered in Malawi under Companies Act. The group is engaged in a wide range of businesses including the following three major business portfolios: IT & E-commerce Solutions, Food Solutions, Water Engineering & Building Construction.

Our structured business portfolios allow us to fulfil most of our customer’s needs. We invest in new markets to stay ahead of our customer’s needs, integrating into our solutions business know how and technical trends required to provide value for money.

Our Mission
To solve the challenges of our society that are within our God given capabilities.

Our Goal
A clear understanding of our customer's needs and strive to fulfill them through continual improvement of our processes.

Our Businesses

iT & e-Commerce solutions

iT solutions are diverse and therefore the need for customization is key in service delivery. iPage Digital is a Malawian company.

Water Engineering &
Building Construction

Combining both civil engineering and building construction that involves systems and equipment; managing human water resources. We specialize in borehole drilling and water pumping system installations, ensuring that users are provided with a continuous supply of clean, uncontaminated water for drinking, living, and recreational purposes.

Products & Services

Our structured business portfolios allowing us to fulfil most of our customer’s needs.

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Wathu Group Ltd
Off Paul Kagame Road
Sacraine House,
PO Box 1376

+265 995 642 606
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